Fashion with a sense of humour

We couldn’t go past these adorable sketches by New Yorker Jerome LaMaar of iconic female cartoon characters adorned with designer duds. Daria’s Jane in Alexander Wang is a particular favourite.

Love it?

xx cdl team.

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Images via.

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Interiors Love: Nina Garcia

We’re in awe of fashion maven Nina Garcia’s light-filled Manhattan apartment. We’d give an arm and a leg just for that closet alone.

What do you think of her abode?

xx cdl team.

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images via.

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Styling cdl: Not your grandmother’s brooch

One of the questions we’re asked most often at HQ is how to wear a brooch with a modern twist. So we asked some of the girls to give us a little styling lesson: brooch edition.

Tatiana’s tip

Our resident vintage queen loves to thread a brooch through her faithful ‘Unflappable’ Neckpiece. It adds a little extra sparkle to an everyday look without overdoing it.


‘Dream Weaver’ Brooch & ‘Unflappable’ Neckpiece


Chelsea’s tip

CDL is a fan of the scarf & brooch combo on a trusty tote. It’s a jazzed up look that can take you from the office to a soiree with elegant ease.


‘Lasting Impression’ Brooch, ‘Mrs Robinson’ Scarf and Joseph tote


Gracie’s tip

Our social media guru adds a cluster of smaller brooches to her jacket lapel for an unexpected alternative to a neckpiece.


‘A Beautiful Friendship’ Brooch, ‘It’s A Wrap’ Brooch, ‘Love Is The Only Gold’ Brooch & Michael Kors jacket

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Carla Zampatti

Ms Zampatti has been absolutely killing it lately with her chic, modern and elegant  pieces. Her Spring/Summer 13 collection is not exception. We love the clean lines, floaty detailing and pops of colour. Check out some of our favourite looks below and tell us what you think (we’re partial to the sequinned yellow ourselves…)

xx cdl team.

SS13cover-carlazampatti SS13page01-carlazampatti SS13page02-carlazampatti SS13page03-carlazampatti SS13page04-carlazampatti SS13page09-carlazampatti SS13page13-carlazampatti SS13page16-carlazampatti SS13page17-carlazampatti SS13page19-carlazampatti SS13page19.5-carlazampatti SS13page23-carlazampatti SS13page25-carlazampatti

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All the tulle.

We’ve been on a bit of a tulle bender at HQ today – dreaming of this confection and all it’s possibilities.

Are you a tulle fan?

xx cdl team.

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Style Crush: Gwyneth Paltrow

She’s evolved into one of our favourite red carpet walkers. From humble beginnings of mid-nineties minimalism, Gwyneth has become a certified style maven. Check out some of her best looks (and that Ralph Lauren) below. Tell us, do you love her style too?

xx cdl team.

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Magic Mirrors

The artistry behind these shots by Alexi Lubomirski of brit beauty Rosie Huntington-Whitely for Numéro Tokyo have had us talking today at HQ. We’re completely mesmerised by the sparkling quality the mirrors give to the image. Oh, and the fashion is just divine.

xx cdl team.

rosie-alexi-shoot1 rosie-alexi-shoot2 rosie-alexi-shoot3 rosie-alexi-shoot4 rosie-alexi-shoot5 rosie-alexi-shoot6 rosie-alexi-shoot7 rosie-alexi-shoot8 rosie-alexi-shoot9

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue.

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