In Bed With… Lucy Feagins from The Design Files

Lucy Feagins is Australia’s design blogging Queen. She started her blog The Design Files in 2008 and has since been named as one of the world’s Top 50 design blogs and is Australia’s no. 1 design blog. We had the chance to chat with Lucy and discover what makes this uber-talented mind tick.


What inspired you to start The Design Files?

I was originally working in the film industry as a set dresser where I found myself constantly exposed to great local design and creatives while out sourcing products, and this prompted me to start a blog. At first this started as a side project, used to document my latest discoveries or people that inspired me. Originally it was read by a handful of readers, but soon snowballed into the site you see today! I have since left the film industry and now work full time on TDF. This site is now more of a broad online publication rather than a blog, as we have weekly and monthly columns, guest contributors, produce photo shoots and create our own original content that we publish daily.

Do you have a favourite home that you’ve profiled?

I have multiple favourites, but one home tour that we produced that I especially love is the Elsternwick home of Ada and Leo Kagan, belonging to a couple who are in their 70’s! It’s pretty rare to come across a house that has only ever had one family living in it for 40 years, and even more of a rarity that the house remains in its original condition.

Kagan shoot 1

Kagan shoot 2

Which interior designers do you admire?

Hecker Guthrie continues to raise the bar, their attention to detail is second to none. My dear friends Jess Nixon and Timoli Mustica who are the designers behind Okologi, a small practice in Melbourne are doing great things. I also admire Arent & Pyke in Sydney, they always embrace colour which we love.

H and G 2

Hecker Guthrie

Okologi 5



Arent & Pyke


What other blogs do you love right now?

Design Sponge: I’ve looked up to Grace Bonney since the early days of writing TDF, she has always been so supportive, and it’s no surprise that her success continues to grow.

Fruity Beauty: Zoe Foster’s beauty blog is a hilarious source of useful beauty tips and information, she makes the sometimes intimidating world of make up and beauty very accessible.

Line x Shape x Colour: Watching Gemma Cagnacci’s travels unfold on her blog is the perfect escape when you’re strapped to the desk all day. Her photographs are also amazing!

Do you have any tips for creating a Design Files-worthy room?

For us a ‘Design Files’ home is usually characterized by personality. It’s not about having designer pieces, it’s about injecting a sense of character into your home. This comes from personal items displayed in your home such as treasured artwork, photos and souvenirs.

Last book you read?

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Favourite store right now?

I’m a bit obsessed by Mr Porter. I love the way they curate their product selection, and offer beautiful editorial content alongside the retail experience. They set a benchmark for online shopping.

What do people ask you about the most?

I most commonly get asked how I make money from The Design Files. I guess blogging is such a new profession that people still find it hard to view it as a business.

When do you feel most creative?

Probably at night time when I’m not being interrupted by emails and phone calls, and I have lots of crazy ideas!

What one collectors item would you love to own?

A house by Harry Seidler!

hs01 2

Harry Seidler architecture

When have you had an epiphany?

After we staged our first The Design Files Open House event it was such a success, and it gave me the opportunity to really see our readership in person, rather than as a statistic on a website. This was a really powerful thing and has helped me understand the value of TDF.

If you were to choose just one piece of CDL jewellery, which one would be on your wish list?

The To Sir with Love hair comb. I love the idea of a little unexpected bling in the hair.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be?

Miranda Kerr. I have an inexplicable obsession with Miranda Kerr, it makes not sense to me, by I’m obsessed with her!


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