JUST IN! Brand new cdl neckpieces

Designer Chelsea De Luca has released a new collection instore that features more gobsmacking neckpieces to set hearts racing.

For guilt-free indulgence, the Let Them Eat Cake neckpiece is a delicious statement, available in grey, clear or three-way colour. Now available online!


Object of Desire with its refined styling and oversized Swarovski crystals is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s exuberance, and is perfectly matched with a black, structured gown or evening blazer and skinny jeans for the cooler days. Come instore for a sneak peak…

object of desire

Quintessential cdl in emerald or clear will make you swoon, with oversized Swarovski crystals double-wrapped with smaller crystal chains, and can also double up as a wristpiece. Available both online and instore, but hurry they are flying out the door!

Quintessential cdl


About chelsea de luca

A blog documenting the loves, inspirations and musings of one of Australia's most celebrated jewellery designers, chelsea de luca. Not for the faint-hearted.
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