In Bed With… Megan Morton

Megan Morton, if you don’t know, is the incredibly talented, uber interior stylist based in Sydney. There are many words that can be used to describe MM but in a nutshell it is her contagious spirit that shines so bright and makes her one of our favourite people.


Reading… Grace Coddington’s memoirs and a lot of Dallas Clayton (my all time favourite author) to our voracious three year old.

Listening to… The Presets, Johnny Cash and I love Sally Seltmans voice.

Shopping at… In Brisbane it’s Chelsea de Luca for divine hair combs and keepsake bracelets I can share / give to my daughters. I love the clothes at Camargue and buy regularly from their eclectic stock. In Sydney I love P.A.M perks and mini (just bought a lobster printed top – so good!) and Belinda’s clever edit and intermixing of international labels (like Isabel Marrant) in with local brands. I love shopping for home wares and thoughtful gifts from Koskela and fortunately for me we share the same work address. But to be honest, shopping is a major part of a stylist job so put me in any shop and I can usually find something – it’s for this reason I adore charity store sourcing as well. I mix top end with the bottom end in the hope of getting explosive results!

Coveting… I still dream about the butterflies under the glass cloche domes at The Country Trader and a photograph of Roberto Duetsho Wild Horses of Sable Island.

Planning… A secret family holiday! I am blindfolding the children (there are three) and getting in a plane, packing for them secretly and surprising them with a holiday. It’s in Queensland and I can’t wait!

I feel most creative when… I am styling. As cliche as it sounds I really feel most alive when doing it.

If you had to choose one tried & true trick that gives a space an instance facelift what would it be? Moving existing furniture around. It’s like pressing refresh on our keyboard. Do it these holidays! See what you get out of a new configuration of swap out in a room.

My idol is… Robyn Davidson, originally also a Queenslander she was heavily involved in aboriginal land rights movements and decided to trek the absolute desolate and stunningly beautiful areas of west Australia with camels and her dogs. She survived on bush tucker, saw beauty that is a true rarity and did it all on her own accord. Not that I want to do that but her stamina and her drive is so stunning. She recorded her journey for national geographic magazine and later it became a best selling book called Tracks. During the trip she became one with the land and has seen our country with a very different set of concentrated and clear eyes. Can you imagine the drive and inner strength to tackle such a trek solo?! Dead impressive! Respect Robyn! Total respect!

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be? Alice Waters, food ethics provocateur, owner of my favourite restaurant in the world (although its so much more than a restaurant) ‘Chez Panisse’ and The Edible School Yard project. Her work is concerned with bringing American children fresh food for lunch is totally inspiring. Imagine the struggles even sitting around that concept. Jamie Oliver looks up to Alice, the White House depend on her for their kitchen garden supplies but at the end of the day, she just wants every single kid to eat fresh, good food. The responsibility is awe-inspiring. She is in my new book, as is Chelsea de Luca called Things I Love under the ‘People I Love’ section.

When have you had an epiphany? Weekly unfortunately! Sometimes I see so much good stuff I have to come home and look at a bare white wall to readjust.

How did you get your big break? Working at the front desk of Dolly, while I didn’t know it at the time it had all stemmed so beautifully and organically from being at that little desk.

Interiors are… Incredible ways to share your joy and ideas with those you love.

You can pick up a signed copy of Megan’s delightful new book ‘Things I Love’ from the James St Boutique now.


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