Baby, it’s cold outside

So we’re rugging up in our warmest (and chicest) coats and scarves. While we lament having to cover up our jewels with layers, practicality has indeed won out.

A compromise? Say hello to our secret winter accessory weapon – the humble brooch. Pin one to your lapel, oversized scarf or beanie and keep sparkling all through the cooler months. Check out a few of our favourites below and tell us, what’s the most creative way you’ve worn a brooch?

Brooches, clockwise from right: ‘Black Pearl’ in Jet – $295, ‘Homage To Tippi’ (only one left!) – $350, ‘Triumphs & Tragedy’ – $189, ‘Silver Screen’ – $144, ‘Black Pearl’ in Emerald Multi – $295. White jacket by Helmut Lang, black coat by Sportscraft.

Shop more brooches here.


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A blog documenting the loves, inspirations and musings of one of Australia's most celebrated jewellery designers, chelsea de luca. Not for the faint-hearted.
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