cdl team profile: Frankie

The newest (and cutest) member of the cdl team, Frankie has been causing quite the scene here at HQ. The irreverently stylish pooch is making waves in her new position as top dog.

Name: Frankie De Luca

Age: 10 weeks

Position: In-house muse/special projects ambassador

Favourite Treat: Tasty puppy snacks

Favourite Music: Edith Piaf

Favourite Past-time: Cuddles

Favourite cdl jewellery piece: Ciao Ciao neckpiece (as modelled above)

Role model: Toto from the Wizard of Oz

With her new mummy.

Playing in the store.


the cdl team.


About chelsea de luca

A blog documenting the loves, inspirations and musings of one of Australia's most celebrated jewellery designers, chelsea de luca. Not for the faint-hearted.
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One Response to cdl team profile: Frankie

  1. Tamara The Brave says:

    am a little bit in love with her Chels… x

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